Save up to 25% on the
Original Rib & Block slab

with the Supa-Slab Eco Rib & Block System - the latest Rib & Block Innovation

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Supa-Slab is proud to launch its latest innovation: the Eco Rib and Block. This new concrete slab system features a patent pending (2019/01079) design that sees improvements to our Original Rib and Block system.

With this new design, we’re able to cast suspended slabs that are 37% lighter than conventional Rib and Concrete Block Slabs, and up to 18% lighter than the Rib and Poly Block Slabs. This reduction in weight leads to a reduction in your building and transport costs.

What’s more, using our Eco concrete slabs can save you time. With voids in its soffit, utility services – such as electricity, water, air-conditioning – can be conveniently installed after slab erection. Unlike current Rib and Block systems, which require utilities to be fitted during the slab erection, delaying the final concrete pour.

Save Up to 25% of Slab Materials

The Eco system design saves on the cost of material & transport.

Save on Concrete Topping

Save up to 25% on the concrete topping due to the innovative eco design.

Up to 37% Reduced Slab Weight

Cheaper to construct multi-story buildings compared to conventional rib and concrete block slabs.


The Eco Rib and Block system uses less raw materials and less fuel to transport to site.

Engineer Certified

Supa-Slab provides free engineer design and certification.

Cheaper to Transport

Reduced transport costs due to lighter weight.

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