When you choose us as your service provider you can expect the following from our professional team:

  • Site survey and expert advice.
  • Final site measurement to ensure that the correct material is delivered to site.
  • Detailed proposed layout drawing for your engineer’s approval and for installation purposes.
  • We ensure that the quality our material conforms to SABS building standards.

Concrete Block System

Polystyrene Block System

Please feel free to contact us about the benefits

Many years ago we realized the need for acquiring the services of experienced, honest, reliable and hard-working teams of installers to assist our clients with their installations.

In our experience, for various reasons, most of our clients have found the most value in getting us to take on the installation on their behalf. If you want to be responsible for the installations of the slab yourself, we are prepared to give you all the relevant information to do so. You may identify with them on one or two of the following points below;

  • “I am an owner builder and simply do not have the time (or patience) to supervise a team to install this system on my site”.
  • “I have a site supervisor but am not confident that they know this system well enough, so would rather have the peace of mind knowing that SupaSlab are handling this for me.”
  • “I thought it would be much cheaper handling and supervising it myself but soon realised that this was not the case when comparing my final cost with that proposed by SupaSlab initially…… and they would have had it done in HALF THE TIME!”
  • “I have a building team on site but too be honest am not 100% sure I can trust them with installing this system which is really important to me as this will ultimately be the roof above my family’s head.”
  • “Hiring of the correct scaffolding has been a nightmare as well as the wastage on timber & everything else required to install if only I had known before time, next time SupaSlab can sort this out thank you very much!”
  • “I am a contractor and already have way too many other things going on onsite, this would be one less headache for me knowing that SupaSlab have it under control.”
  • “Timing is everything right now on my site and knowing that SupaSlab will install this in the shortest possible time-frame will mean that I can continue with other area’s on site and ultimately be a significant cost-saving for me.”
  • “My team on site have been careless with handling the material and have broken some of the blocks and beams, now I have to spend more to complete my job instead of using SupaSlab to install as they would then have been responsible for any breakages onsite during installation.”
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