Supa Slab Beam & Block suspended flooring

Account - Terms & Conditions

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Please find following a summary of our standard terms and conditions, outlaying certain relevant points pertaining to the contract. For a copy of the full version please contact the office for a fax copy.


•A)      Payment of the contract price will be as follows:-

  • 1) The invoiced amount is payable 30 days from date of invoice as per this agreement.
  • 2) 2.5% interest per month will be charged on all overdue amounts.


•B)      Manufacture of the product will only take place once the following has been completed by yourselves :-

  • 1) This Sales Quotation, duly signed by yourself and returned to Supa Slab cc
  • 2) The Engineers design / drawing / schedules.
  • 3) Confirmation of the site measurements (if measurements cannot be done we will arrange these for you).


•C)      Terms and Conditions

  • 1) SUPASLAB will not be held liable for any losses sustained by the Customer if the commencement of work is delayed through non-compliance with the Customer's obligations as aforesaid in Section A.
  • 2) Kindly note that SUPASLAB requires fourteen working days in order to manufacture the materials required for this project unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.
  • 3) Please ensure that there is a representative on site at all times to receive, check, count and sign for the Rib & Block components, failing which, we will not be held responsible for any material shortages. Any unsigned delivery notes will be deemed approved by yourselves.
  • 4) Please ensure that you provide reasonable and unobstructed access to allow 8 and 12 ton trucks to deliver the material to the stacking area, which must be within a ten metre proximity to the structure. If the stacking distance is more than ten metres, there will be an additional fee for the cartage of materials by SUPASLAB to the structure.
  • 5) Please ensure that all DPC plastic is supplied and on site before installation begins.
  • 6) All materials left on site after erection of the pre-cast slab shall remain the property of SUPASLAB as 10% is allowed for breakages. The customer must undertake to allow SUPASLAB access to the site to collect these, on request.
  • 7) It is imperative that we have the correct site measurements in order to design and manufacture the Rib & Block components.
  • 8) Ensure that erection of temporary supports and scaffolds are done prior to erection of the precast decking components and ensure that all formwork and supports are adequate to carry the slab.
  • 9) Ensure that structural in-situ concrete topping complies with the Engineers specifications and the temporary support work remains in position for a minimum of fourteen days or as directed by the Engineer.
  • 10) The engineers design will be uniquely for the Rib and Block slab. Any other concrete related work not stated in this contract, requiring design, e.g. reinforced concrete beams, columns, staircases etc (i.e. that which does not form an integral part of the RIB & BLOCK flooring) must be negotiated independently between yourself and the Engineer.
  • 11) On completion of installation the Rib & Block slab is to be inspected and approved by the Engineer and the Client specifically in terms of the level of the soffit and the prop spacing (not greater than 1500mm apart in both directions). Supa-Slab will not be held liable for any excessive soffit deflection and hence the patching or plastering of the soffit after casting of concrete topping. Please note that under NO circumstances, must concrete be poured onto any structural concrete components pertaining to this contract, prior to the inspection and approval of the Engineer.
  • 12) The surface on which the props are to be installed must be concreted. Should the client wish to prop on a soft surface for whatever reason, he will do so at his own risk and Supa-Slab will not be held liable for any soffit deflection whatsoever. It is imperative that the concrete topping remains at the designed thickness at all times.
  • 13) Ensure that all necessary work on site can be completed by SUPASLAB in one continuous operation unless otherwise agreed by pre-arrangement. The contract period for propping is three weeks, any delays will be for your account.
  • 14) In the event of cancellation of the contract after the commencement of work, the purchaser shall be liable for all costs incurred in respect of design, prepared material, loss of earnings, and other charges pertaining to the time of cancellation.
  • 15) The tender price remains firm for work completed within 30 days of the date of issue failing which the price becomes subject to a price variation in accordance to the Haylet Formula. Work Group 4.3 (Durban).
  • 16) Any changes to the size of a tender after acceptance by signature will affect the pricing structure of the contract.
  • 17) While we endeavor to complete delivery / erection by the required dates, SUPASLAB shall not be liable for any costs whatsoever resulting from a delay in completion.
  • 18) Final leveling of slab to be done by the building contractor.