There are only 2 main ways  to construct a floor slab - conventional cast-in-situ and the rib and block system.

With a conventional slab, all the components are assembled on site and the entire slab has to be shuttered and all of the concrete poured on site. The advantage is that large spans unsupported can then be achieved with cast-in-situ slabs but are usually much more expensive than alternative systems.

Rib and block systems have the beams and blocks precast and delivered to site. This system uses less concrete and is quicker and cheaper than conventional slabs.

Rib and Block System Benefits

1) The beam and block system can be easily used to increase your living space by adding another story to your existing house.

2) Approximately 30-40% less concrete required compared to conventional slabbing systems. Up to 30% savings of total cost is achievable compared to cast-in-situ slabs.

3) Significant weight reduction offering lucrative savings on design, support structure, transport and installation.

4) No crane or large working spaces required as the slabs are easy and light to install.

5) Installation period is quicker than conventional slabbing systems and therefore a quicker turn over time for your project.

6) Reduction in skilled labour due to the simplicity of the system and ease of product handling.

7) Product is suitable for all development types including commercial, industrial, domestic, schools and low cost housing.

8) Props can be removed earlier than with cast-in-situ slabs, saving on the cost of prop hire.

9) Unsupported span of up to 8 meters is possible with the SupaSlab system.

10) Reduced stripping time of 7 - 10 days after concrete pour. Saving in temporary propping compared to conventional slabbing systems.

11) Allows you to build on steep sites therefore utilizing previously wasted space.

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