Supa Slab Beam & Block suspended flooring

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Why Choose Supa Slab?

When it comes to Precast Beam and Block Slabs
we lead the way!

For almost a decade Supa Slab has been on the cutting edge of precast slab design, becoming the preferred supplier to the building trade in KZN and recommended by most engineers.

Supa Slab pioneered the wider 150mm precast beam slab in KZN, which is quickly becoming the standard over the dated 100mm lintel. This gives Supa Slab increased versatility and the ability to slab greater spans.

Supa Slabs unique system allows us to slab areas more efficiently than traditional cast slabs and even other precast systems. Resulting in a strong durable slab that's quick to erect and easy on your pocket.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our materials, so we get an independent laboratory to test our materials to ensure we are always supply the best materials possible.

We also believe service is key, and have the ability to turn around the biggest of orders in under 3 days. Our dedicated beam and block plant can produce 2km of precast beams in a day, and we carry a good supply of stock materials for quick delivery.

So give us a call and let us help you with all your slabbing needs.